The CassonElettronica company has been offering a complete service since 1964, making its experience, new technologies and technical consultancy available to the customer. For two generations, our stores have represented an efficient and always avant-garde reality in the choice of the most innovative products on the market. A long tradition of reliability and direct experience makes us credible partners both for the products we represent and for the customers who turn to us.
For over 55 years we have distinguished ourselves as a qualified distributor in the sale of:

Electronic components, Electricity, Lighting, Video surveillance and security, Passive components, Electromechanical components, Semiconductors, Cables and plugs, Audio accessories, Audio/Video accessories, Tools, Power supplies, Batteries, Telephony, Rado, communication, Remote controls, Radio controls, Antennas, Loudspeakers , Tools, Informatics.

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